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Who We Are?

We Care Animal Removal is a family company that has lived in Broward County our entire lives. When you call us you are talking to the owners, not a manager. Our company is located in west Broward and our workers are on the road to assist you. Our professional and courteous staff seeks to provide the best possible assistance to our clients.

We offer “mobile” professional services for pets, such as cats and dogs throughout the county. We come to you.  A large part of our business is removing deceased pets. We also capture wildlife from commercial and private properties. Our employees are trained in specific areas to promote the safety of both animals and clients during the job at task.

Our Services

We are A professional animal Removal Company

Caring Animal Removal

You may need our assistance if you have any questions about placing your pet for burial, cremation, euthanasia, or rescue. We are happy to help!

Get Rid of Nuisance Animals

Whether it is Raccoons, Iguanas, any type of Ducks, Foxes, Possums, Chickens, or even Snakes, our experts will trap the wildlife and remove them from the area.

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Testimonials and Reviews

what Our Customers Say
My dog died and I didn’t know what to do with him. He was very big and heavy and I couldn’t really lift him. They came to my home very quickly and took him away. I’m so thankful for the help.
- Stephen L.
I had a family of raccoons that kept on getting into my garbage. We Care Animal Removal came and trapped all of them and took them away. Very professional and I would definitely recommend them.
- Jake W.
A momma possum got into my garage and she stunk, had a bunch of babies and were hissing at us. I called We Care Animal Removal who came to my house and captured the mom and then picked up the babies. The cost was very fair. I’m glad the possums are gone.
- Joanne B.
I had We Care Animal Removal come to my office to get rid of a bunch of iguanas. After a few days they caught every one of them. Worth every dollar!! I will definitely use them again if they come back
- Martin H.


To help your dog, take safety measures for yourself first. Turn on the water hose and have it ready.
Wipe any poison that looks like white tree sap from its throat so you can rinse immediately after; do not put into mouth or anywhere around neck area – this could cause serious consequences if ingested! Once cleaned up nicely (or perhaps with some wet wipes), bring your pet to the nearest vet as soon possible.

If you have a stray dog and need help, contact Broward County Animal Services. We do not assist with stray dogs but they can likely point in the right direction for where your pup belongs!

We are so sorry to hear that your pet is sick. Please call us if you have any questions about the euthanasia process or what happens after they pass away!

The number of animals in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida is staggering. There’s a lot for animal control services to handle, but they’re just barely getting by with it all! We care about your pets too – that’s why we provide solutions when you need help removing pesky pests from around the house or office building so no one gets hurt – whether its ducks and iguanas who have taken up residence outside–or dogs running free through town after dark without tags attached

No, 911 is for emergencies and will not send the police for a raccoon or possum sightings.




Animal Tips And Tricks

Here are some pointers if you choose to deter stray cats, dogs, or wild animals on your own. It's important that people who do this work be aware of their surroundings at all times in order for the operation not only succeed but go smoothly without any hiccups along the way!
A dog that has a loud bark will scare away unwanted animals from entering your property. Their bark will give the animals a “reason” for leaving your yard, i.e. food or refuge. One of the many reasons that raccoons and possums visit someone’s house is when food is left out overnight.

Buy A Dog

There are some great benefits to having your tree trimmed away from the house. For one thing, if an animal is living in that space between branches and leaves it will leave excrement behind as well! Not only does this smell terrible but there may be bugs or mice running around too - which means you might have another problem on top of everything else with no chance for relief unless professional help comes into play here...

Yard Work

Take care of your pet's messes right away by removing any leftovers and repairing fences so they can't get into the yard. Clear out clutter such as derelict cars, boats or junk piles from around their house before sealing up entrances in order to keep them detection-free!

More Great Tips

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